By Narad Pokhrel, NY
Bhutanese resettled in Rochester, NY are now more happy to have a garden where they can grow thousand pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables.
A glimpse of garden in Rochester, NY. (Photo: Kiran Pele (Gurung) )

A glimpse of garden in Rochester, NY. (Photo: Kiran Pele (Gurung) )

The Lexington Community Garden lies on the site of a former Rochester subway bed. Now, it’s covered with beds of fruits and veggies. “The idea is to get more healthy food into the community,” said Foodlink Garden Project Coordinator Bryan Babcock.

Foodlink leases land from the city and provides neighboring families with materials and the know-how to help their garden plots grow.

“We’re turning space here that was just a field in the city into a space that’s providing thousands of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables that are going right back into the community,” said Babcock.

Talking with press, Lachuman Pokhrel, leader of Go Green House said, “On my own behalf and whole behalf of Bhutanese Nepali Community in Rochester, NY I would like to  gladly  thanks to Food Link Organization, for supporting us by giving the piece of land where we can grow a lot of vegetables and fruits.”Garden, NY (3)
Foodlink expects over 4,000 pounds of food will be grown this year from its 12 community gardens in the city. Babcock hopes the Lexington location can become a hub because a new greenhouse is being constructed at the site. When it’s completed by the end of the month, it will provide residents with year round growing opportunities. “This will allow this project to be sustainable, so instead of buying seeds and plants, they can save seeds from previous years and bring them to this hoop house and start them all themselves,” said Babcock. The community garden provides Pokhrel and others access to fresh food and much more. “Everybody that I speak with here is really excited to have the space to grow, and not only just a little bit of space to grow but a sense of community and belonging,” said Babcock.
Above 50 Bhutanese families have got a chance to grow food in go green house.
( With inputs of Tulshi Sharma and Photos by Kiran Pele)
Garden, NY (5) Garden, NY (6) Garden, NY (3)A glimpse of garden in Rochester, NY. (Photo: Kiran Pele (Gurung) )Garden, NY (2) Garden, NY (1)