By Narad Pokhrel, NY

Bhutanese refugees youths of different states are gonna gather soon once more as the ROCHESTER RINNOS is organizing Rochester International Soccer Tournament on August 2nd.


Players (Photo: Rohit Pokhrel)

Six local teams from Nepal/Bhutan, Burma, Congo, Somalia, Sudan and the United States competing in the tournament in which two Bhutanese refugees’ soccer teams of Rochester, NY are representing Nepal/Bhutan.


According to the source, it is known that six teams will be participating in the tournament representing various groups living within the city. Those six teams are Somali Community of Western New York (WNY), Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, East Africa (Congo) and Somali community Outreach and Africa Roc City Boys.


As per organizers, the main intention to organize such tournament is to achieve the unification among the diversified local communities in the Rochester city.


“Its wonderful that diverse local community have been able to find common soccer ground in the game of soccer. We ‘ re excited to host such as altruistic event that’s representative of the city of ROCHESTER”, Adirondack Sport’s Club, LLC President and Chief Operating Officer Mr.PAT ERCOLI said in press meet .
“The both Bhutanese soccer team of ROCHESTER ,NEW YORK (LOVELY GUY’S ) A and B TEAM  will participate in the tournament as BHUTAN and NEPAL by representing national flag in the mass of AMERICAN people by walking through soccer field along with 6 different community.
Mr. Bill Wshmeyer said, “”Am a bridge which u guy’s pass through it .” Wishmeyer is person who serves voluntary, supports to Bhutanese folks to promote good soccer talent in international label since before 5 years and he is been supporting Bhutanese young people to participate well in soccer.
Speaking in the PRESS, Arun Gurung, representing team, said, ” We  have lived miserably spend around two decades being refugees in exile and now we’re here in the USA and have got a great chance to participate in such international tournament.” Gurung thanked organizers and  in whole behalf he thanked Mr. Bill Wishmeyer and Gary Miller for creating the way to participate in international soccer tournament.
(With inputs of Chandra Adhikari)