By: H.K. Dahal

To keep camp self depended in case of security, exiled Bhutanese have formed Camp Management Committee (CMC) and Camp Welfare Team (CWT). Those committee and team have very significant role to keep camp peace and make exiled Bhutanese aware of undesired problems.

Armed Police Force(APF) post of Sanischare. Photo: Durga Pokhrel

As exiled Bhutanese population was divided into seven different camps before few years back; but now there are only formally four camps left due to merging of camps viz: Beldangi-I, Beldangi-II, Beldangi-II Extension and Sanischare. Again population in each camps are managed into many sectors named A,B,C…Additionally, sectors are again divided into four units 1,2,3,4(But in Sanischare there are five units in each sector).

To run the camps efficiently, refugees used to elect two (male and female) leaders from each unit. After that, two leaders from each unit do elect two sector heads from each sector. All unit leaders and sector heads do elect various posts for CMC and CWT. Mainly Camp Secretary (head of CMC) and chief of CWT have vital role to lead the camps to keep camp safe and peace.

As there are four camps, in spite of four camp secretaries mainly there are only two camp secretaries. There is only one full camp secretary and two deputy in Beldangi (I, II and II Extn.) where as there is one camp secretary and one deputy in Sanischare.

Really these types of systems are unavailable in other refugee camps. CMC and CWT have very great role to keep camp safe and peace. Additionally there are three Armed Police Force (APF) posts in Bhutanese refugee camps. Where there is two APF post in Beldangi and there is one APF post in Sanischare. APF is kept for security of refugees by Nepal Government since about 17 years back. It keeps good relation with CMC and CWT to keep well security of camp.