The United Kingdom has accepted another 110 exiled Bhutanese from the refugee camps this month, doubling the existing population of resettled folks. Last year, 111 persons were resettled.

Welcome programme organised by BWA in Bradford Photo:BNS

The Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK welcomed the new arrivals, both at airport and reception center, on March 26, informed its Program Director Prem Giri. The organization received the first lot of resettling Bhutanese on March 5 this year.

“The newly arrived Bhutanese are resettled in Bradford, Greater Manchester and Sheffield. We welcomed them with Khada and garlands, and even provided them with mobile SIM-cards at airport itself,” Giri told.

Of this, Greater Manchester resettling agency, which is Refugee Action,  received four families of 15 numbers, Sheffield resettled 17 families with 64 persons through the Refugee Council, and the Horton Housing received seven families with 31individuals in Bradford.

Volunteers from Bhutanese Welfare Association served traditional food for new arrivals in Bradford, added Giri.

Meanwhile, Giri further informed that at least five members of the community have completed security guard trainings.

“These people would, probably, be the first to grasp job opportunities here,” he said adding,”They are expecting to get employed soon.”