According to news received quite late from New Zealand, a Bhutanese recently resettled in Palmerston North suburb of the county has committed suicide on January 15.

Late Kumar Pradhan had been in Palmerston just four months but had arrived New Zealand in late August last year. Friends and relatives remember him of a friendly person but of silent nature and short temper. He committed suicide at night but family could find him dead only in the morning.

Born in Kalikhola of Dagana district, Pradhan was forced to leave the country with his family when he was still a child. The family stayed at Maidhar initially and moved to Bhutanese refugee camp Bendangi II.
A good football player of his age, Pradhan had not pursued his studies. Here, he had been attending ESOL classes at English Teaching College (ETC). Last went to his class was on January 13.

‘I like this country and is a beautiful place to live here”, he had told his brother Gopal one day while meeting him at Mangere and had hinted that he should have got married before moving to this country.

According to community organisation’s chairman Sudarshan Adhikari, the Bhutanese community really got organised in short period of time to manage for his funeral the next day.