About 1AM of Sunday morning, again elephant destructed about 11 huts of Beldangi-II and Extn.
According to DB Subba, 6 huts from Beldangi-II and 5 huts from Extn. were destroyed without any human harms.
The victims of elephant who are now homeless are now in critical situation.
Meanwhile, the victims will be supported by WFP for food and LWF for constructions.
More details:
From Beldangi-II,…Jay Deep Rai, F3 82
Jas maya Magar, H3 104
Hem Bdr. magar H3 32
Chabi Lal Magar H4 22
Prem kr. Chhetri H4 23
Prem Kri Chhetri H4 30
From Beldangi-II extn… Chhabi lal Pradhan C4 90/91
Ran Bdr. Sundash C4 89
Jashi Maya Khadka C4 47/48
Pradeep Rai B4 78
Dhan Maya Rai B4 68