At least a few hundreds of exiled Bhutanese were present Saturday in Beldangi-II camp to mark the 104th National Day of Bhutan, recalling the installation of the monarchy in the country for the first time in December 17, 1907.

Leaders and guests observing one-minute silence to honor Bhutanese martyrs Photo:BNS

Several those who presented their opinions said that celebration of the national events in Bhutan would at least mean that the camp residents are Bhutanese.
However, youth leader Chabi Kharel said celebrations of such a day would simply mean that the exiled community supports tyrannical monarchy in the country.
Former Caption of the Royal Bhutan Army N.B.Giri, former members of the parliaments Narad Moni Shanyashi, T.R. Regmi, Harka Jung Subba of the Senior Citizens’ Group, among others also presented their views.