Following a written commitment from the government to start the registration of all kinds of asylum seekers including new ones within the next five months, the ongoing hunger strike was called off on Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

Acting Chief District Office of Jhapa, Yogendra Dulal, and Durga Devi Bista signed the agreement paper where representatives from various agencies, rights defenders, the camp management committee of Beldangi and journalists were present as witness.

Based on the agreement, the government expressed its written commitment to resume the installed registration for issuing refugee identity cards.

“The government has acknowledged all demands of put forwarded by the agitating women, and commits to start registration of asylum seekers, census absentees and cases of new entry,” read the agreement paper.

This is the gentlemen's agreement signed between Durga Devi Bista and Acting Chief District Officer of Jhapa, Yogendra Dulal, Saturday. Photo: VIdhyapati Mishra/BNS

CDO Dulal also assured medical treatment of all the women, expressing sadness over their deteriorating health conditions.

“I have already instructed AMDA Nepal to ensure that women recover their lost health,” said CDO Dulal.

However, Bista, who was leading the fast-unto-death since November 15, expressed doubt over timely implementation of the government’s commitment.

“We need to wait for resumption of the registration process to see if the government is serious towards our demands,” Bista told Bhutan News Service.

Meanwhile, the AMDA Nepal transported all women to Damak for their treatment from Beldangi.