At least four exiled women, who have been on the ongoing fast-unto-death since Tuesday, are under medical observation in the camp-based health center. They have already completed 75 hours of fast to death, Friday afternoon.

Those under medical supervision included Indira Bhattarai (25), Chandra Maya Khadka (37), Indra Kala Bhandari (25) and Radhikar Poudel (22), informed an AMDA representative.

Meanwhile, Renuka Mongar (27), whose blood-sugar level has fallen extremely low, has been admitted in AMDA Hospital, Damak.

Almost all in the hunger strike are getting support even while going to toilet, said Durga Devi Bista, who has been leading the women team.

 Durga Devi Bista, who has been leading 15-member team on the ongoing fast-unto-death since Tuesday, told government representatives and rights activists Thursday that her group has demanded “refugee status, not the Nepali citizenship.”

10 out of 15 hunger strikers have fallen sick as the ongoing fast-unto-death turns into the third day, Thursday. Of them, four are reportedly serious.
Those gone serious included Indra Kala Bhandari, Chandra Maya Khadka, Indira Bhattarai and Tulasha Dhakal, informed Durga Devi Bista, who has been leading the hunger striker in Beldangi-II camp since Tuesday.

A medical team from the AMDA (Association of Medical Doctors of Asia) visited them and examined the protestors Wednesday evening, according to Medical Assistant Dhan Bahadur Adhikari.

Meanwhile, Assistant Chief District Officer of Jhapa, Yogendra Dulal, reached the spot on Wednesday and asked them to break the protest.

Dulal told Bista and a team of community representatives to end the strike citing the protest started at once without giving any formal ultimatum.

“The government has taken your demands seriously. However, we received no time to exercise on your demands, and we ask you to end the strike,” CDO Dulal told Bista and her team.

However, the team expressed its commitment on continuity of the strike unless their demands are met.
The statement further said that the CMC should not be held responsible if unforeseen situation arises due to delay in addressing the demands forwarded by the protestors.

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News and Photos: BNS