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By H.K. Dahal

Internet knowledge

Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communicatipn facilities. We can get ainformation about anything that are stored in internet, within a second through internet. Internet helps us to learn, study, know, view, listen, watch etc. We can watch/view/Listen pictures, videos, audios of various information with the help of internet.

In internet, technicians or networkers had made various networks. Internet includes forums, blogs, podcasts, pictures and video, email, instant messaging, discussion boards, chat rooms, Google Groups, Wikipedia, Search engines and a host of social networking sites and tools including Myspace, Facebook, youtube, Twitter etc.

In short,

Social Networks: Myspace, Facebook, youtube, Twitter etc.

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Search engines: Google, yahoo!, Bing etc.

Web sites: etc.

Blog: etc.

Communicating portals: yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc.

Blog portals: WordPress, blogspots,  google sites etc.