Bhutanese Artists of Georgia, an organization established in 2009 by the Bhutanese refugee artists and community volunteers had organized a Bhutanese Artists Live Concert 2011’ on the auspicious occasion of Dashain and Tihar at Clarkston Community Center on October 16, 2011.

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According to the source the chief guest for the event was McKenzie Wren, director of Clarkston Community Center. The event started with the welcome tune comprised of Malshree and Duesi and Bhailo. Then, after the guests were welcomed the show started with paying homage by dedicating the song ‘Sambodhan Timilai’ to the known and unknown Bhutanese people whose lives are gone away from us on the time of struggle and to the people whose lives are taken away by the van accident in Georgia on March, 2011. The song was sung by Sudesh Rai and back vocal by Shiva Mapchan.

The main attraction of the concert was Karna Das, a very prominent singer, composer and songwriter of Nepali Music. He presented his very popular songs. Mahesh Thulung, a popular singer from Bhutanese Community sang his famous songs.  Various artists Pratap Magar, Shiva Mapchan, Kamal Rai  , Bhim Magar , Tika Rasaily and Pabitra Gurung sang various songs. The other two guest artists Dhan Gurung , singer of the then Euphoria band back in the refugee camp in Nepal and now from North Carolina presented Wari Jamuna in the track and Ram Dhimal, a new potential singer from Florida sang Premika in track.

Bhutanese artists danced too. The masters of ceremony were Rajan Rai and Bhima Mapchan.

According to the source, the organizer felicitate Mckenzie Wren, director of Clarkston Community Center, Susan Pavlin, director of Refugee Organizing in Action Network, Bikash Rai, Mahesh Thulung, Kiran Subba, Arjun Khapangi, Padam Giri, Jiten Rai, Bhima Thapa, and Pratap Magar was awarded the Best Artist of the Year 2011.

The event was more attractive due to the live music played by the musicians: Keyboard/Guitar- Bikash Rai, Keyboard- Bhim Magar, Keyboard- Ram Gurung, Bass guitar- Ratna Gurung, Rhythm guitar- Kamal Rai, Pad Drum- Birkha Guragain and Yogesh Rai, Table/Madal- Shiva Mapchan and Flute by Sagar Rai. There were 18 songs played live on the event. More than five hundred people were present on the event. The sound and light was managed by AEE Sound and Light of Atlanta.

To watch Video Collection of Bhutanese Artists Of Georgia Perform, click here.

– Ram Gurung/ Purbelitimes

Edited and posted by H.K. Dahal