Bhutanese political organisations and individuals from exile and Diaspora are pouring
in condolences to the family of late R.K.Dorji via various media.

Releasing a press statement,Bhutan National Democratic Party has expressed its heartfelt
condolence to the members of Druck Natioanl Congress and family members of late
R.K Dorji.
"On his demise the Bhutan democratic movement lost a charismatic leader whose absence
will be felt deeply by the freedom loving people of Bhutan both in exile and inside
the country",reads the condolence message.
Bhutan People's Party has also sent a condolence to late Dorji's family and members
of DNC. In the condolence letter, BPP says that the untimely death of well respected
leader has created an irreparable loss to the Bhutanese political movements.
" Not only Bhutanese in exile but whole country will remember Dorji's acknowledgement
contribution", says BPP in the condolence messange.

Similarly, Bhutanese Refugee Representative Repatriation Committee has expressed
its condolence to the family of late R.K Dorji and support and solidarity to DNC.
Highlighting his background and personality, BRRRC writes on the condolence letter,"Once
becoming a free man, without caring for his health, he became active in pursuing movement
with more enthusiasm and vigor and consolidated the political parties and was working to boost movement undeterred
by resettlement of refugees by core countries". 

R.K. Dorji passed away at Manipal hospital in Sikkim due to liver failure while undergoing
 treatment on october 19th.