Last night one group of wild elephants damaged five huts of Bhutanese refugees in Beldangi about 9  PM of Nepalese local time.

According to the eyewitness, those wild elephants enter the camp through the community forest nearby the refugee camp.

Those elephants damaged hut of Lal Bir Tamang,Beldangi-I sector F1Hut No:13, Padma Prashad Rimal of same sector hut no:12, Padma Lal Chauhan of Sector F4 HUt No:332 Padiman Pradhan of same sector Hut no:341 and Hut of Dhan Bahadur Bhattarai of same sector Hut No:394, news reporters of REFUGEES VOICE informed.

To protect them from elephant, local people and Armed Police force helped refugees to make fire.

After the attack of elephants, those injured refugees ran away from there and migrates to their relatives.