Late Tek Bdr. Basnet : (Photo courtesy : Basnet Family)

Late Tek Bdr. Basnet : (Photo courtesy : Basnet Family)

An FIR (First Information Report) was on Saturday filed against a resident of Damak-12 of Jhapa, who owns a grocery shop in Bangey Bazaar of Beldangi, on charges of murdering a ninth grade student this Thursday.

The FIR was lodged at Damak Police Station against 27-year-old Ajay Sah accusing him of murdering Tek Bahadur Basnet of Beldangi-II Extension camp.

Basnet, who was a ninth-grade student of Tri-Ratna Secondary School, was found hanging in a tree near the camp but on a suspicious condition. Eyewitness including some members of the Basnet family claimed the  case was a murder, not suicide.

Karna Bahadur Basnet, elder brother of the deceased lodged the FIR this afternoon, informed Camp Secretary Dhanbir Subba.

Meanwhile, police said they interrogated accused Sah and also arrested one exiled youth, whose name has remained undisclosed.

“Sah admitted of physically assaulting late Basnet for stealing Rs 3000 from his shop,” Sub-Inspector of Nepal Police Ganesh Bhattarai told Bhutan News Service. “However, he denied of murdering the boy saying he had developed a kind of family relation with him for Basnet was working in his shop since a year.”

Exiled youths also vandalized the Sah’s shop and destroyed goods worth Rs 200,000, police quoted Sah as claiming.

According to Police, medical examinations revealed the case was a suicide, not a murder. “Doctors are yet to dispatch the official report of the postmortem,” added the Sub-Inspector.

The Camp Secretary expressed dismay saying both the family of the deceased and the camp management committee were denied the medical report.

“We were told to cremate the dead body, but without knowing if the case was a murder or suicide,” he told.

Hundreds of camp residents, school teachers and students took part in the funeral procession on Friday.

Source:BNS (Written by Vidhyapati Mishra with inputs of Hari Kumar Dahal and Mon Bahadur Poudel)