BY Hari Kumar Dahal

The total of 48,763 exiled Bhutanese have already left Nepal for various western countries under the third country resettlement programme as of July second week declared the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Of this, 40,971 refugees have been resettled in various states of United States of America followed by 3,215 in Canada.

According to the source available in the BNS meanwhile, resettlement statistics of other countries included Australia (2,720), New Zealand (563), Denmark (483), Norway (372), Netherlands (228) and United Kingdom (111); a highly placed source that has revealed in BNS informed that Denmark, which earlier proposed to accept just 500 refugees for resettlement, is learnt to make preparation to take another 500.

According to the report available in the BNS, UNHCR estimates that the population of camps would remain somewhere close to 10,000 by the mid-2015. Now, there are around 64,311 exiled Bhutanese in various six camps of Jhapa and Morang.