Bhutanese Community Resource Center (BCRC) has confirmed that the dead bodies recovered from Spokane River on Wednesday are of the three Bhutanese youths.

Releasing a press statement today, BCRC, on behalf of the families of the deceased, has expressed appreciation to the Spokane police and other personnel for their efforts in the search. Hospital authorities are yet to confirm that the dead are of the missing Bhutanese youths.

Spokane police located the vehicle driven by one of the missing youths on Wednesday and subsequently discovered three dead bodies in the vehicle.

BCRC has asked the authorities for further investigations. “BCRC further requests the authorities to investigate into the matter to find out the reasons that could have played role for this mishap”, reads the press statement signed by Tanka Dhital, Chairman of BCRC.

BCRC has expressed its gratefulness to the members of Faith Bible Church International Welcome Team, Spokane who have volunteered to help in the cremation of the dead bodies. The families have decided to cremate the dead bodies as per the Hindu traditions.

Three Bhutanese youths, Krishna Lal Dhital, Krishna Dhakal and Dilli Ram Bhattarai were missing from Spokane since June 11.

Lately, speaking on a radio talk with Ramesh Gautam of BNS from the accident venue, Tanka Dhital, Chairman of Bhutanese Community Resource Center has cautioned for safety in driving and has appealed individuals and communities to support the families of the deceased.

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