Hi everyone
Welcome to Children Star Group,
                                                                                home of the Bhutanese refugee children. My name is Lila ram Siwakoti and I am the coordinator of Children Star Group.  I am from the Bhutanese refugee camp Beldangi 2 and recently resettled in the United States of America. I am studying in the 10th grade. As a group coordinator I would like to share you some of the facts about children star group.
Children Star Group is a children has based common group established by Bhutanese refugee children in eastern Nepal. Children Star Group was created as a place for Bhutanese refugees to come together and help the children up to age 18 in our communities. We are made of up of youth 15-19 years old refugees primarily already resettled in different places around the world. The group focuses on the promotion of children who are made targets of civil wars, social unrest and domestic violence.
In June 2008, Children Star Group members and executive members passed a group code of conduct. Codes are divided in to four main sections. Each section described group member responsibilities and group procedure. These codes help group members to stay up to date with group, future activities and diplomacy.
In addition, Children Star Group has also raised children’s voices through social network sites such as “face book”. Furthermore, there is Face book page designed to spread children’s news. Throughout the Face book page children star Group have weekly updates which consist of a quotation, short stories and tech news.
At last, I would like to welcome people of all ages to join our cause against children corruption. United we can. Let’s uphold our mission together, and help spread the voice of voiceless.
Thank you
” Success is not final,failure is not fatal: it is the Courage to continue that counts ” Sanju Siwakoti
Children Star Group