Roman Sunwar, Beldangi II-Extension

I am a sixth grade student from Marigold Academy located at Beldangi-II Extension, Bhutanese Refugee Camp in Nepal. I have my Octahedron grandmother, 45years old mother and one maternal uncle, 30 years old. My father divorced my mother when I was two years old.

I am born and reared up in the Bhutanese Refugee Camp itself. According to my parents my age is 13 years old. My grandmother functions as the head of the family because my mother and maternal uncle do not care about the house, my schooling, my demands and anything important for me. I regularly go to the school at 7:00AM and return at the evening. Everyday after the school, when it is time to come home, I feel very hungry and tired because when I come home at lunch time to eat, I do not get anything to eat. This is so because my grandmother goes to the nearby hill to collect some wood and my mother always stays drunk at home and often shouts at me.

I do not have any brothers and sisters below me. My maternal uncle often goes to Damak to do some labor work and he too returns home at the evening fully drunk. He spends all the money he gets for just drinking and enjoying with his fellow friends. He does not support the family but instead he too beats me severely, when he is always drunk, which also hampers my studies.

Every Wednesday my uncle gets his penny from his work, so he brings some of his fellow friends at home as usual and after enjoying his drink, he starts causing fight at the home which does not create an environment for me to read and write. As my mother, often gets drunk at the evening and starts beating me severely and sometimes she chases me out of the house. So, I have only my grandmother to look after me.

Living in such type of condition, I do not have stationeries needed for my studies, excluding which are provided by the agencies in the camp. I ask my mother to buy it for me but she denies saying, “Where did you take the recently bought one”, and she keeps thumping me.

So as to earn some money I go to the nearby hill “CHULI” with my grandmother and I collect some wood with her and bring them at my locality and sell them. With the money earned I utilize it to buy pencil, eraser and needed stationeries for my schooling.

MosesLagoon (Writer of this article)

I am very glad to pass Grade five scoring first division marks. But I am sad and disappointed that whether I will be passing in Grade six or not because of environment at home. I have my problem in my studies, Mathematics and all; I do not have time for my studies at home. I wonder if I would get help for my studies. I think that the God will help me one day.

We have often applied for third-country resettlement but due to loss of my father, we could not go forward in our process because head of the family is needed to start the process for resettlement.

So I think whoever would help me to go forward in my studies and my desire to put on new clothes.

This is an true story written according to his interview with Moses Lagoon Sub-Editor of Refugees Voice.



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