LWF Trucks bringing the victims from Goldhap

LWF Trucks bringing the victims from Goldhap. Photo: Khem Prd. Dahal

Goldhap at the time of fireFire victims of Goldhap are relocated at Beldangi since 5th May 2011 by UNHCR, IOM and may other concerned agencies, after the fire Mishap that took place on Goldhap.
According to the source the fire started from one of the refugee’s house. As the fire got bigger, fire brigades from the host municipalities were called to take the fire in control.

After the hard struggle of several hours, the fire was put in control by the help of fire brigades and people over there.
After the mishap the agencies UNHCR, IOM and other concerned agencies decided to relocate the refugees in Beldangi.
Trucks and buses of agencies were used to relocate the refugees with their belonging

Bhutanese Refugee Camp

Bhutanese Refugee Camp

By: Moses Lagoon